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Playing with caviar beads

As the days to restarting my flight training comes closer, I realised I have less and less time to play with nails. I sadly will not be bringing my polish (too many) with me. Although I will be bringing my [OPI] pedal faster Suzi and [sephora by OPI] leotard-optional and these:


I am quite tempted to try out gel nails while I am out there tho!

Anyway, referring to my earlier post on things I have been buying, I got some caviar beads from Primark to experiment with. There were a steal at two pounds fifty


Today, I managed to take some time to play with them. I’m not that keen on the full on caviar look. I worry the beads will run away everywhere!! But, I am so in love with the bead looks I have been seeing on Pinterest and wanted to try it myself.

Everyone seems to use different tools to put the beads in place but I just used my fingers and it worked fine. I only used a cuticle stick if the beads were a bit too much out of place. Here’s the result:



I’m actually really really pleased with how they turned out. I’m still abit worried with the beads falling out tho so I’m going to let it dry longer than I usually do!


New toys from the wonders of discount shopping


I have shopped from fragrance direct once before and was so impressed with how cheap the products were that I ordered again from them. So, technically, this is my second haul. My first haul was much more fruitful as there was plenty of OPI and Esssie polishes on offer. This time round, there was only two Essie polishes left. However, as I was shopping more generally for colours I don’t use as a base and more colours to play with, I got what I wanted and needed.

Delivery prices were so reasonable at a shocking 1.99 and it came so quickly.

The rhinestones and nail tape were actually from eBay but I added it in there

Other items that arrived today:


Ive been looking for bigger rhinestones as the ones im using at the moment are 2mm as there a great but not big enough for a centerpiece. I have a design in mind (a few actually) specially for rhinestones this size so watch this space! furthermore, I ummed and ahhed at whether to get dotting tools as I was quite happy with using a bobby pin for the odd dot I wanted to do. But at eBay prices of 0.99, it seemed rude not to add to my collection! Just about to put it to use now so come back for results!

Multi coloured leopard print

I have been experimenting loads recently due to some unexpected time off my course. Thought I’d share what I’ve been doing. This is one of many to come!


I’ve tried it with a few different polish. This particular one I used a more pastel colour whereas a different one I used red and a really sharp blue. The reason why I swapped was mostly economical. I didn’t fancy using my OPi and Essie polishes when experimenting but actually, I preferred the more pastel look. The contrast wasn’t as strong and it was a lot gentler on the eyes.

I used four very different colours and I would recommend sticking to that. It was difficult to find room to fill in the fourth colour by the time I got round to it. I used bigger splotches of colour n the bigger nails so I didn’t have to do as many and it turned out great! I added black dots to fill in some gaps and absolutely loved how it contributed towards the design

I need to start taking some photos of them actually on my hand!

Wonder women inspired nails

I had recently made my first first barry m purchase! I have been looking for confetti nail polishes for a while and have always been really interested in the black and white confetti look but so far haven’t come across it. I went out shopping with my friend the other day and we decided to try some polishes in superdrug when I came across this gorgeous Barry m polish that I simply could not resist.

[photo courtesy of sparklyvernis]

At the time I had on a nude polish and it simply looked stunning. It was rude not to take it home with me.

I have always been a bit apprehensive with Barry m in that I felt it was trying too hard to offer too many looks. Also, I tried on the magnetic polish on a few separate occasions and the look just didn’t come out right. But this one blew my mind away. So much that it inspired me to use in on my first tutorial!


I bought the ring reinforcers on amazon and they are perfect for recreating half moons. My advise tho is to stick down the edges pretty hard as I found polish seeped into any gaps. I cut them in half to be economical and it was hassle free.

I decided to add the magnetic gold in the end because I didn’t like how the gold plastic nails were with the red. I am pleased I did cos it looks a million times better. I then experimented with drawing a line to define the red and gold contrast but I didn’t think it needed it to be honest. The blue rhinestone added the perfect touch to give it the sexy wonder women look. I finished it off with the Barry m ruby glitter top coat and I am so pleased with how it turned out. As you can see on my nail while I was painting, I tried a different variation with a nude base instead of gold and it came out equally impressive.

Check out other Barry m polishes here



Today marks the openning of this blog!

I have always been fascinated with painting my nails but had to give it up for my working life as cabin crew as I had to adhere to strict uniform policies and stuck to shades of red. I have recently reignited my love for all things nails and will use this blog to document my findings so feel free to come visit!

I’m working on a few fake nail designs at the moment and here’s a quick sneak peek


I first saw this design on Pinterest and fell in love with how fun it looks! Not that difficult to create but highly time consuming.


This is a much more elegant look. I absolutely love matte black and paired with gold just makes it so much more classy!