Wonder women inspired nails

I had recently made my first first barry m purchase! I have been looking for confetti nail polishes for a while and have always been really interested in the black and white confetti look but so far haven’t come across it. I went out shopping with my friend the other day and we decided to try some polishes in superdrug when I came across this gorgeous Barry m polish that I simply could not resist.

[photo courtesy of sparklyvernis]

At the time I had on a nude polish and it simply looked stunning. It was rude not to take it home with me.

I have always been a bit apprehensive with Barry m in that I felt it was trying too hard to offer too many looks. Also, I tried on the magnetic polish on a few separate occasions and the look just didn’t come out right. But this one blew my mind away. So much that it inspired me to use in on my first tutorial!


I bought the ring reinforcers on amazon and they are perfect for recreating half moons. My advise tho is to stick down the edges pretty hard as I found polish seeped into any gaps. I cut them in half to be economical and it was hassle free.

I decided to add the magnetic gold in the end because I didn’t like how the gold plastic nails were with the red. I am pleased I did cos it looks a million times better. I then experimented with drawing a line to define the red and gold contrast but I didn’t think it needed it to be honest. The blue rhinestone added the perfect touch to give it the sexy wonder women look. I finished it off with the Barry m ruby glitter top coat and I am so pleased with how it turned out. As you can see on my nail while I was painting, I tried a different variation with a nude base instead of gold and it came out equally impressive.

Check out other Barry m polishes here


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