I have shopped from fragrance direct once before and was so impressed with how cheap the products were that I ordered again from them. So, technically, this is my second haul. My first haul was much more fruitful as there was plenty of OPI and Esssie polishes on offer. This time round, there was only two Essie polishes left. However, as I was shopping more generally for colours I don’t use as a base and more colours to play with, I got what I wanted and needed.

Delivery prices were so reasonable at a shocking 1.99 and it came so quickly.

The rhinestones and nail tape were actually from eBay but I added it in there

Other items that arrived today:


Ive been looking for bigger rhinestones as the ones im using at the moment are 2mm as there a great but not big enough for a centerpiece. I have a design in mind (a few actually) specially for rhinestones this size so watch this space! furthermore, I ummed and ahhed at whether to get dotting tools as I was quite happy with using a bobby pin for the odd dot I wanted to do. But at eBay prices of 0.99, it seemed rude not to add to my collection! Just about to put it to use now so come back for results!


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