Playing with caviar beads

As the days to restarting my flight training comes closer, I realised I have less and less time to play with nails. I sadly will not be bringing my polish (too many) with me. Although I will be bringing my [OPI] pedal faster Suzi and [sephora by OPI] leotard-optional and these:


I am quite tempted to try out gel nails while I am out there tho!

Anyway, referring to my earlier post on things I have been buying, I got some caviar beads from Primark to experiment with. There were a steal at two pounds fifty


Today, I managed to take some time to play with them. I’m not that keen on the full on caviar look. I worry the beads will run away everywhere!! But, I am so in love with the bead looks I have been seeing on Pinterest and wanted to try it myself.

Everyone seems to use different tools to put the beads in place but I just used my fingers and it worked fine. I only used a cuticle stick if the beads were a bit too much out of place. Here’s the result:



I’m actually really really pleased with how they turned out. I’m still abit worried with the beads falling out tho so I’m going to let it dry longer than I usually do!


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