American dream

I’ve safely arrived in Phoenix awaiting instructor allocation for flight training! There’s been some delays so I’ve had lots of time spared to familiarise myself with the area. I’ve been talking about wanting to try gel nails for awhile now but always felt they were too expensive in the uk and quite limited in products. The other gel nail stater kit I found, for example, was Sensationail for £69.99 in boots. Not exactly in my price range!

Which is why I was elated to make my first trip to walmart. I bee lined for the nail section and I was not disappointed in the slightest. There were gel products from Sensationail and Sally Hansen to name a few. Furthermore, the start kit from Sensationail was only $49.99 . HUGE difference! And that’s not all!! An aisle later I reached this:


At retail price of $24.99 it was an absolute steal. The fact that gel nails needed base and top coats was a hassle even though I normally apply them for normal polish….but now that it’s combined, I was blown away. However, I didn’t actually purchase them as I didn’t like the idea of doing one nail at a time. If you apply some quick mental maths of 30secs/nail then it’ll take 5 minutes to cure your hands alone….although it isn’t that dramatic compared to the normal gel nails that would take 4min 30. But The best win win scenario I found was to just buy the polish and then buy a full size LED lamp to go with! Boom! Suddenly cure time is down to 1 minute 30 (four nails a time then the two thumbs)

I was about to purchase the Sensationail starter kit there and then but I wanted to go home and troll for any alternatives. This is how I stumbled across the Sally Hansen gel starter kit.


It retails at $65.00, on sale at the minute for 49.99 and is $37.99 with free shipping on eBay. SOLD!!! As I go through the process of paypal, it kindly informs me that, at 1.54 exchange rate of the day, it cost £24. I just saved myself 40+ quid by simply moving across the pond!!

It’s just been dispatched today so I am beyond excited for it to arrive. I’ve been doing some research on whether you could use normal polish with gel and according to here and here, there is hope! I’m really hoping to try some nailart with gel..I will have to see how I get on so that I won’t be stuck with just one colour!


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