Black Friday on a Saturday

Today I had a ground breaking moment where I have decided I can no longer stomach all the lovely junk food that is on offer in America. So instead of cutting back on eating like most people would, I decided to go for a run instead! So I set off this morning for a casual jog…straight into the front doors of Sally.

For anyone reading this outside America, Sally is a chain selling beauty and hair products. It was calling my name and I couldn’t help it but wonder into the front. Which is just as well since the remnants of Black Friday was still going on. Again, for those outside of America, Black Friday is the friday after thanksgiving where shops have some crazy sales. Very similar to Boxing Day as lakes in the uk.

I only really wanted to see how much a nail clenser was but came out with a bag full of goodies and a Sally beauty card


I have never used gelish polish before so I decided to give it a go. I only really wanted the white since I was hoping my second set of nail stamps would be arriving some time soon. But then there was one called “jet set” and I just knew I had to buy it. (Cos I’m a jet setter, get it? Hah)

So I merrily jogged back home via Walmart to pick up a black on black polish by sinful colours..again in anticipation of my nail stamps arriving sometime this century.

It took me just under an hour yesterday to remove my gel polish..wasn’t the easiest but I got there in the end. You really do need to use that wooden stick and scrape your nails. In a way, I preferred using normal polish with a gel top coat cos it was so much easier to remove the gel!

I was eager to redo my nails before I got stuck into old habits and start biting my nails again. I gave the jet set one a go since I wasn’t ready with the white polish yet


I think it actually looks much nicer in the photo that on my nails. The polish as really opaque and I had to use three coats to get any colour on my nails. On some nails, I reckon I will have need ped four or five but I just didn’t have the patience so I left it slightly opaque. They retail at $12.99 and at that price I certainly would not be buying anymore. I bought them for $8.95 as there were on sale so not was a lot easier to stomach. But if a regular polish was that price I would’ve expected a world of difference. I don’t know if tilts because I have only been using OPI recently or what but I was disappointed. 😦

In the bright side tho, I was given a five dollar coupon to spend tomorrow but signing up with a Sally beauty card so I might buy a different colour and give it a second chance.


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