I promised I will go back to the amazing Asian nail man and I did! I was looking for some colours to lift my festive spirit over christmas as spending time in the Arizonian heat hardly screams winter wonderland. And he didn’t disappoint in the slightest. I was there for a good hour picking out reds blues greens and glitters and walked away with three king size polishes for less than half of how much they cost in shops! IBD was a brand I never heard of but everyone in the shop was buying it and at 10 dollars for gel polish, it was hard to resist. I settled for a red and a glitter. The red is called cosmic red and the glitter was called all that glitters. I was only looking for a glittery red when I stumbled upon the glitter gel polish and I instantly fell in love with it. Ibd applies really well and tho some people might criticise it for being quite thin and runny, I actually really liked the fact it was thin. The glitter took about three coats to achieve the level of opaque-ness I wanted it but other than that, I would def be looking into getting more gel polish from them!


I also couldn’t resist and bought an OPI gel polish. Having used tonns of normal OPI polished, I knew I wouldn’t disappoint and happily walked away with OY – another polish joke. It is a stunning sand gold glitter. It was 15 dollars so quite a bit more than Ibd but it just the exact colour I had in mind for my Christmas nails. I only applied two coats and it was gorgeous


I recently filed my nails into oval shapes for the first time. I didn’t really like it after two weeks so it’s now back to squares but now looking back at this photo….it makes my hand look so much longer and more elegant!


Now having got lovely Christmas nails, I was ready full steam ahead into the festivities! On Christmas Day I opened my pressies and received lots more gel polishes and nail stamps! My first bundle monster set! I promptly used it on my Christmas nails to add a little bit more ommph to it before having Christmas dinner. TADA


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