Bumble bee nails!

It’s been too long since I’ve done a nice little tutorial. Normally I just do my nails and after I finish, I remember I should’ve documented it for future reference!

This time however, I remembered! I was recently gifted a nail art book from someone very dear to me and kept it by my bedside mulling over what designs I wanted to do.


This book is great as a coffee table read or in my case, a bedside read. It really gets the creative juices flowing and I needed very little to convince me to get going,

I didn’t think I could do any as all my nail tools are in England and I’m still in America for another month. It was far too tempting to wait until then though so I’ve slowly started to build my tools over here starting with make up sponges, nail brushes and a large amount of polish to complete my designs with. Nail brushes are actually new to my collection as I’ve always relied heavily on my black and white nailart pens I got from Primark that worked just fine. The brushes were from amazon for two dollars and to be honest, it was so cheap that it felt silly I haven’t gotten them sooner.


I decided for my first design I wanted to follow the book as it is and see how simple it would be to recreate the designs. I adored the penguin and bee nails but decided to show you my bee experience as there was a recent incident at my flying school where a swarm of bees overtook an aircraft. It was a sign!



I wanted to use the sinful colour yellow but decided to just stick with the Sally Hansen in the end. Mostly because I had forgotten and already started doing the black strips haha.


Firstly, I applied my base coat to avoid staining my nails. Then I pained my ring finger(s) yellow then painted the tips of the rest yellow. I found it ridiculously hard to do the French tips with the Instadry yellow as it was so thick and kept going all over my nails. I started again too many times to keep count. In the future, I may try with with French tip stamp just to get it under control a bit more.


After finally accepting the French tips I outlined them with black lines and added on stripes to my ring finger(s). The black outlines were dead easy and simple thanks to my models own black nail art pen. I did have loads of problems with the tip of the pen though 😦


After that I left my other fingers alone and focused on my ring finger(s). I added two white dots to a black strip then two smaller black dots above it and tah dah, my pet bumble is born! Sounds simple right?? In actual fact the tips from my nail art pens that should make this progress dead simple was a nightmare as they kept wanting to leak out more polish and causing a right old mess. They were tonns worse than my Primark nailart pens that had a problem with lumping but not as bad as this! Then when it decided to work it was so thin that it ended up scraping off my originally polish. In the end I was debating using a cuticle stick when I looked inside my nail brush kit and found a dotting tool. Absolutely bumble bee saver!

This is how it turned out!

I’m quite happy with it and think it would look loads better if I didn’t get so frustrated with the dotting and had a bit more practise.

Let me know if you also tried this out 🙂


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