If you have ever visited Topshop in London Oxford Circus, you will have seen the cute nail salon tucked into the corner of the bottom floor. It is called wah nails and have beautiful nail art on display that the amazingly talented crew recreate for its customers. I recently discovered that not only does this joint exist, they have two nailart books on the market. I have seen them in Urban Outfitters before but never really thought it was achievable as it looked very technical. I recently decided to face up the challenge since I was feeling more and more readily equipped to give it a good go.

If you haven’t already got me on Instagram (nailkrazeee), have a little look at my first attempt. It wasn’t amazing but I felt ready to take on the full daisy look

essie neo-whimsical swatch

I used this beutiful lilac colour as my base. It is neo-whimsical by Essie and is great for achieving the spring look


I used a dotting tool from a brush set I purchase off amazon. If you have the five piece dotting set I would recommend using a medium to small sized dooting tool. I dripped a drop of white polish onto a card that I normally use for stamping and dotted away five dots with spaces between, it is really important to keep the spaces between as I accidentally dotted one daisy with the dots touching and the effect isn’t half as nice. Satisfied with my dots, I was ready to add some petal effects


This photo is a little blurry but essentially I took a wooden manicure stick (you can also use a toothpick) and drew up some black lines as best as I could from the inside of the dots to the middle. It is a little messy for a few of them but I wasn’t looking for perfect. I tried a few with my models own nail art pen and that worked a treat. I then used the same size dotting tool and added a bright yellow dot in the middle to form my daisies. Simple! My yellow was a Sally Hansen instadri lightening bolt.

wah nails daisies

And wah lah, daisy nails perfect for the spring 🙂


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