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Sunset Palm tree nails


It’s been awhile! (Again, I know)

Today I created an accent gradient Palm tree nail. I actually did this because I was looking at building up my blog and noticed there was so much nailart I haven’t done a tutorial for!

This one is super easy. These are all you need:


Start with a white base to really bring out the yellow of the polish. As usual, I like to use a gel base.

This one is white Alpine by OPI gel color


1. Start with two coats of yellow polish. This one is let’s meet by sinful colors

2. With the make up sponge, just paint on a generous strip of yellow and orange polish. Note: to re-use a sponge, just cut of the dried polish bit with scissors and start again. I’ve been using the same sponge for months!

3. Keep dabbing the finger till you get the opacity you desire

4. Using a black striper, first stripe on a black line. Nail art pens normally have a striper attached to it. I used one from Primark . Then using the pen end, draw a line connecting the striped line and just add little wiggles to draw on the leaf.

5. Keep going until it resembles a palm tree

6. Wah lah!

These one I only did the accent nail but it looks amazing with painting all the other nails yellow or with gradient nails on 🙂