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Movember nails


Since I’ve owned these moustache stamps, I’ve been waiting for movember to stamp away! Alas! Movember is now here and what better way than to stamp it on some gorgeous bright Barry m polishes!

barry m is doing an awesome deal at superdrug at the moment with 3 for 2. I originally wanted raspberry, pomegranate and the rose gold but they didn’t have raspberry in my local store so I settled for white. You can never have too many whites, right?


I used pomegranate for this look but I think I will try to use them all in my next nail art.

I’ve topped them with a gel topcoat from gelaze and it’s so incredibly shiny! I hope it lasts till the end of the month!

P.s. They are stamped with konad polishes

Happy movember everyone 🙂


Sally Hansen gel polish in the uk!


You will not believe my surprise and amazement when I was doing my regular browse in TK Maxx for bargain polishes!!

Sally Hansen polishes have made it to the motherland!! As you may or not not know, my gel polish journey started with the Sally Hansen gel polish starter kit [check out one of my earlier post!] I have not looked back since!!

Not only that, but it was ridiculously cheap! cheaper than normal polishes! It was 2.99 pounds, reduced down from RRP of 11.99 pounds!! say whaaaaaaaaaaaat (in Leonard from Big Bang theory’s voice

If any if you other gel nail fanatics are reading this pool down to your local TK Maxx for a browse!

I ended up with good as blue, just peachy!, green streak and laven-darling. I was actually going to just buy two and leave out the blue and purple as I already have so many hues of blue and purple. But it was almost rude to leave them behind…

Black Friday on a Saturday

Today I had a ground breaking moment where I have decided I can no longer stomach all the lovely junk food that is on offer in America. So instead of cutting back on eating like most people would, I decided to go for a run instead! So I set off this morning for a casual jog…straight into the front doors of Sally.

For anyone reading this outside America, Sally is a chain selling beauty and hair products. It was calling my name and I couldn’t help it but wonder into the front. Which is just as well since the remnants of Black Friday was still going on. Again, for those outside of America, Black Friday is the friday after thanksgiving where shops have some crazy sales. Very similar to Boxing Day as lakes in the uk.

I only really wanted to see how much a nail clenser was but came out with a bag full of goodies and a Sally beauty card


I have never used gelish polish before so I decided to give it a go. I only really wanted the white since I was hoping my second set of nail stamps would be arriving some time soon. But then there was one called “jet set” and I just knew I had to buy it. (Cos I’m a jet setter, get it? Hah)

So I merrily jogged back home via Walmart to pick up a black on black polish by sinful colours..again in anticipation of my nail stamps arriving sometime this century.

It took me just under an hour yesterday to remove my gel polish..wasn’t the easiest but I got there in the end. You really do need to use that wooden stick and scrape your nails. In a way, I preferred using normal polish with a gel top coat cos it was so much easier to remove the gel!

I was eager to redo my nails before I got stuck into old habits and start biting my nails again. I gave the jet set one a go since I wasn’t ready with the white polish yet


I think it actually looks much nicer in the photo that on my nails. The polish as really opaque and I had to use three coats to get any colour on my nails. On some nails, I reckon I will have need ped four or five but I just didn’t have the patience so I left it slightly opaque. They retail at $12.99 and at that price I certainly would not be buying anymore. I bought them for $8.95 as there were on sale so not was a lot easier to stomach. But if a regular polish was that price I would’ve expected a world of difference. I don’t know if tilts because I have only been using OPI recently or what but I was disappointed. 😦

In the bright side tho, I was given a five dollar coupon to spend tomorrow but signing up with a Sally beauty card so I might buy a different colour and give it a second chance.

American dream

I’ve safely arrived in Phoenix awaiting instructor allocation for flight training! There’s been some delays so I’ve had lots of time spared to familiarise myself with the area. I’ve been talking about wanting to try gel nails for awhile now but always felt they were too expensive in the uk and quite limited in products. The other gel nail stater kit I found, for example, was Sensationail for £69.99 in boots. Not exactly in my price range!

Which is why I was elated to make my first trip to walmart. I bee lined for the nail section and I was not disappointed in the slightest. There were gel products from Sensationail and Sally Hansen to name a few. Furthermore, the start kit from Sensationail was only $49.99 . HUGE difference! And that’s not all!! An aisle later I reached this:


At retail price of $24.99 it was an absolute steal. The fact that gel nails needed base and top coats was a hassle even though I normally apply them for normal polish….but now that it’s combined, I was blown away. However, I didn’t actually purchase them as I didn’t like the idea of doing one nail at a time. If you apply some quick mental maths of 30secs/nail then it’ll take 5 minutes to cure your hands alone….although it isn’t that dramatic compared to the normal gel nails that would take 4min 30. But The best win win scenario I found was to just buy the polish and then buy a full size LED lamp to go with! Boom! Suddenly cure time is down to 1 minute 30 (four nails a time then the two thumbs)

I was about to purchase the Sensationail starter kit there and then but I wanted to go home and troll for any alternatives. This is how I stumbled across the Sally Hansen gel starter kit.


It retails at $65.00, on sale at the minute for 49.99 and is $37.99 with free shipping on eBay. SOLD!!! As I go through the process of paypal, it kindly informs me that, at 1.54 exchange rate of the day, it cost £24. I just saved myself 40+ quid by simply moving across the pond!!

It’s just been dispatched today so I am beyond excited for it to arrive. I’ve been doing some research on whether you could use normal polish with gel and according to here and here, there is hope! I’m really hoping to try some nailart with gel..I will have to see how I get on so that I won’t be stuck with just one colour!

New toys from the wonders of discount shopping


I have shopped from fragrance direct once before and was so impressed with how cheap the products were that I ordered again from them. So, technically, this is my second haul. My first haul was much more fruitful as there was plenty of OPI and Esssie polishes on offer. This time round, there was only two Essie polishes left. However, as I was shopping more generally for colours I don’t use as a base and more colours to play with, I got what I wanted and needed.

Delivery prices were so reasonable at a shocking 1.99 and it came so quickly.

The rhinestones and nail tape were actually from eBay but I added it in there

Other items that arrived today:


Ive been looking for bigger rhinestones as the ones im using at the moment are 2mm as there a great but not big enough for a centerpiece. I have a design in mind (a few actually) specially for rhinestones this size so watch this space! furthermore, I ummed and ahhed at whether to get dotting tools as I was quite happy with using a bobby pin for the odd dot I wanted to do. But at eBay prices of 0.99, it seemed rude not to add to my collection! Just about to put it to use now so come back for results!

Multi coloured leopard print

I have been experimenting loads recently due to some unexpected time off my course. Thought I’d share what I’ve been doing. This is one of many to come!


I’ve tried it with a few different polish. This particular one I used a more pastel colour whereas a different one I used red and a really sharp blue. The reason why I swapped was mostly economical. I didn’t fancy using my OPi and Essie polishes when experimenting but actually, I preferred the more pastel look. The contrast wasn’t as strong and it was a lot gentler on the eyes.

I used four very different colours and I would recommend sticking to that. It was difficult to find room to fill in the fourth colour by the time I got round to it. I used bigger splotches of colour n the bigger nails so I didn’t have to do as many and it turned out great! I added black dots to fill in some gaps and absolutely loved how it contributed towards the design

I need to start taking some photos of them actually on my hand!



Today marks the openning of this blog!

I have always been fascinated with painting my nails but had to give it up for my working life as cabin crew as I had to adhere to strict uniform policies and stuck to shades of red. I have recently reignited my love for all things nails and will use this blog to document my findings so feel free to come visit!

I’m working on a few fake nail designs at the moment and here’s a quick sneak peek


I first saw this design on Pinterest and fell in love with how fun it looks! Not that difficult to create but highly time consuming.


This is a much more elegant look. I absolutely love matte black and paired with gold just makes it so much more classy!