Striping tape mani

striping tape mani

I have just obtained my airline transport pilot license!! Whoop whoop! Biggest accomplishment to date! Still trying to get used to having time off After two years of hardcore studying, emotional roller coaster and inner strength.

I am, however, taking advantage of it with all the lovely nail products I’ve had but never really had the time to play with. Namely striping tapes. I’ve always loved the idea of it but I’ve only tried it once and it was so complicated and faffy! So I only ever did it with accent fingers. But now I have all the time in the world wheeeeee! Well, until I get myself a bar job to get some income coming in.

To get started you will need:


To start, paint all nails with a dark polish. I used opi I saw…u saw…Warsaw

striping tape tutorial

1. Cut the striping tapes into bits for easier placement. I found this easier than using the tape straight onto my nail but it was a little harder getting those straight lines.

2. Start with the centre tape. Then divide the sections up. DONT just use one tape across the nail next. You want to split up the two sides to unaligned sides. Do that to all the fingers except the accent finger

3. On the accent finger, apply a glitter polish. I used chinaglaze Dorothy who? Then I applied a topcoat and while it’s wet, apply the rhinestones. I bought mine off ebay 🙂

4. Once you’re ready, apply a generous layer of pink polish. You want to do a finger at a time.

5. Once applied, use the tweezers to remove the striping takes. Don’t be too fast on this otherwise it will smudge the lines. You also want to remove it in order of how you applied the tape, leaving the centre tape last.

6. Apply a generous layer of fast drying topcoat. If you don’t use a fast drying type then it will smudge!

Good luck and happy striping 🙂


Don’t you just love looking at what other people are doing to help inspire your creations? I spend endless hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking at what creations and colour combinations nailart artists get up to. My particular favourite is nail wheels.

I have a god daughter who is seven years old and I am always thinking of ways to give her presents in a more creative way. As I am currently completing my airline pilot license, I haven’t got the funds to buy her the best toys. One year I wanted to run a cupcake stall for her and her little friends but unfortunately, I found out one of her friends was already doing that and had to cancel. I’m thinking about running her a nailart one next summer with a nail wheel they can choose their designs from.

These nailart wheels are just too good not to share.

I purposely screenshot them with the Instagram usernames on so please take a look at their accounts should a nail wheel inspire you 🙂










I hope this inspires you as much as it did me 🙂

Pastel leopard prints

This lovely leopard print design got me my most popular Instagram upload of all times! (Check it out @nailkrazeee) It’s a great look for the summer and definitely shines out from the rest 🙂

To create look you will need a white gel base. I like using gel colours as my base because it is great for when you make a mistake and want to start all over. I love being practical and taking short cuts!

gelaze white on white swatch

To do so, you will need:


As you can see, I like to use a variety of products. Of all of them, my personal favourite and the one product I will not do my gel nails without is the SensatioNail strengthening base coat. It does wonders to the strength of my nails! prior to discovering it, I had poor nails that were brittle and easily broken. These made my nails feel so strong! There is a significant difference in how my nails felt after removing my gel nails!

Once that’s all done, this is everything you need to recreate this mani:



2. Start with lilac police and paint the ring finger.

3. When it’s dry, place masking tape over half the finger and remove the polish (after you’ve repeatedly stuck the tape on yourself to make it less tacky). You could also do it the other way round and stick the masking tape over the white and paint only half the ring finger straight away.

4. Use the lilac to randomly dab all the fingers and the white part of the ring finger. You should be aiming for 4-5 random dabs per finger and around 3 on the ring finger. Vary the shapes into longish strokes, circles and trugular,
On lilac part of the ring finger, do the same but with white polish.

5. Use the black nailart pen to draw in the leopard patterns. On the stroke dabs, you want to draw two lines around the long parts of the stroke. For the triangular and circular dabs, you want to just draw three lines around the colour. Add random black dots here and there to fill up the gaps.

With the ring finger, wait for the polish to dry. Paint topcoat over it then position rhinestones over the line. I like to use my tweezers for this.

Ta dah!

If you have ever visited Topshop in London Oxford Circus, you will have seen the cute nail salon tucked into the corner of the bottom floor. It is called wah nails and have beautiful nail art on display that the amazingly talented crew recreate for its customers. I recently discovered that not only does this joint exist, they have two nailart books on the market. I have seen them in Urban Outfitters before but never really thought it was achievable as it looked very technical. I recently decided to face up the challenge since I was feeling more and more readily equipped to give it a good go.

If you haven’t already got me on Instagram (nailkrazeee), have a little look at my first attempt. It wasn’t amazing but I felt ready to take on the full daisy look

essie neo-whimsical swatch

I used this beutiful lilac colour as my base. It is neo-whimsical by Essie and is great for achieving the spring look


I used a dotting tool from a brush set I purchase off amazon. If you have the five piece dotting set I would recommend using a medium to small sized dooting tool. I dripped a drop of white polish onto a card that I normally use for stamping and dotted away five dots with spaces between, it is really important to keep the spaces between as I accidentally dotted one daisy with the dots touching and the effect isn’t half as nice. Satisfied with my dots, I was ready to add some petal effects


This photo is a little blurry but essentially I took a wooden manicure stick (you can also use a toothpick) and drew up some black lines as best as I could from the inside of the dots to the middle. It is a little messy for a few of them but I wasn’t looking for perfect. I tried a few with my models own nail art pen and that worked a treat. I then used the same size dotting tool and added a bright yellow dot in the middle to form my daisies. Simple! My yellow was a Sally Hansen instadri lightening bolt.

wah nails daisies

And wah lah, daisy nails perfect for the spring 🙂

All striped out

Now that I feel like I finally have a light grip on the nail art book, I am ready to use it as an inspiration and mix in my own flair. Some of this decision was made by the fact that I am truly not a big fan of pink and so my polish collection has many hues of purple and blues.

For this particular one, I chose blue to be my base colour with green and white stripes.


The blue I used is frostbite by the new gelaze collection from china glaze. I am a proud owner of six bottles from this collection and if I wasn’t moving back to uk so soon, I would be a proud owner of more 😦 they can only be purchased through Sally beauty supply at the moment but I suspect it will become more readily available later on.



I started off using a blue shimmer from sinful colours but quickly reassessed the situation as the colour wasn’t picking up at all. I switched to models own turquoise gloss from its new hyper gel colour and became a happy camper. I simple used a nail brush to strip on lines of different thickness in a freestyle kind of way…the best way really. I started by dipping the brush into the nail polish but it got a bit messy so swapped to using cling film and dabbing polish there. It worked a treat so I recommend doing this.


I also had my cotton ball to hand soaked with nail polish remover to clean my brush every so often to avoid the polish drying up


I then added the white lines, also free styling with various thicknesses. Lastly, I added white dots with my dotting tool to the thickest green line and boom! The complete look:


At first I was a bit apprehensive about how not straight my lines are but they are growing on me. I think it’s because it looks free hand, which is the beauty of nail art 🙂

It’s been too long since I’ve done a nice little tutorial. Normally I just do my nails and after I finish, I remember I should’ve documented it for future reference!

This time however, I remembered! I was recently gifted a nail art book from someone very dear to me and kept it by my bedside mulling over what designs I wanted to do.


This book is great as a coffee table read or in my case, a bedside read. It really gets the creative juices flowing and I needed very little to convince me to get going,

I didn’t think I could do any as all my nail tools are in England and I’m still in America for another month. It was far too tempting to wait until then though so I’ve slowly started to build my tools over here starting with make up sponges, nail brushes and a large amount of polish to complete my designs with. Nail brushes are actually new to my collection as I’ve always relied heavily on my black and white nailart pens I got from Primark that worked just fine. The brushes were from amazon for two dollars and to be honest, it was so cheap that it felt silly I haven’t gotten them sooner.


I decided for my first design I wanted to follow the book as it is and see how simple it would be to recreate the designs. I adored the penguin and bee nails but decided to show you my bee experience as there was a recent incident at my flying school where a swarm of bees overtook an aircraft. It was a sign!



I wanted to use the sinful colour yellow but decided to just stick with the Sally Hansen in the end. Mostly because I had forgotten and already started doing the black strips haha.


Firstly, I applied my base coat to avoid staining my nails. Then I pained my ring finger(s) yellow then painted the tips of the rest yellow. I found it ridiculously hard to do the French tips with the Instadry yellow as it was so thick and kept going all over my nails. I started again too many times to keep count. In the future, I may try with with French tip stamp just to get it under control a bit more.


After finally accepting the French tips I outlined them with black lines and added on stripes to my ring finger(s). The black outlines were dead easy and simple thanks to my models own black nail art pen. I did have loads of problems with the tip of the pen though 😦


After that I left my other fingers alone and focused on my ring finger(s). I added two white dots to a black strip then two smaller black dots above it and tah dah, my pet bumble is born! Sounds simple right?? In actual fact the tips from my nail art pens that should make this progress dead simple was a nightmare as they kept wanting to leak out more polish and causing a right old mess. They were tonns worse than my Primark nailart pens that had a problem with lumping but not as bad as this! Then when it decided to work it was so thin that it ended up scraping off my originally polish. In the end I was debating using a cuticle stick when I looked inside my nail brush kit and found a dotting tool. Absolutely bumble bee saver!

This is how it turned out!

I’m quite happy with it and think it would look loads better if I didn’t get so frustrated with the dotting and had a bit more practise.

Let me know if you also tried this out 🙂

Models own super sale

Models own has been continuously teasing me with their immense sale a few weeks ago on Instagram. At a grand total of 50% off it was very difficult to resist. I had seen so much great stuff models own offered in boots but I could never really afford to fork out on them. Now that it was 50% off, it was a whole different ball game. As I was expecting a visit from the uk, I knew I could order it and be reunited with it very quickly.

And alas, it has arrived!


I felt like everything from start to finish was so beautifully done. I was particularly impressed with the packaging and felt like so much time and effort was made into my order. Especially as it was a sale item, I expected to just show up in a box wrapped with bubble wrap. This exceeded my expectations by miles. And it wasnt just the box. Once I opened it, everything I ordered was neatly packaged



Once the packaging was removed this is what I got. I bought four nail art pens which in my opinion are the most basic and essential colours. I already have black and white from Primark but they are so gloopy and bad to use that I felt no choice but to invest in better ones, I haven’t used these yet but I will get round to get. I also got a erase pen that I was very intrigued with. Thus far I’ve used cotton buds and they’ve worked okay but I’m hoping the erase pen will simplify the process. Next is a matte top coat. I already own one from rimmel London before they killed the line. However, this one was such a bargain I simply couldn’t resist. Matte top coats are so expensive in the uk yet so cheap in the us where lower quality brands also make them as suppose to just essie in uk. I bought three polishes to try out its different ranges as I actually never owned models own polishes before. You will have to come back and see how I got on with them but here is a swatch for its latest gel polish range in green


I adore this colour. In fact I adore all the gel range colours but I wanted to test how they were like before I invested in the whole range. Frankly I don’t think my natural nails are up for the challenge of normal polishes yet. Since I’ve been using gel, I just can’t seem to get or appreciate any polish that doesn’t have that smooth sheen to it like gel. I loved the colour but I think I will be needing to wear it with a gel topcoat. It is like gel in a way but does not finish like the gel polishes I’ve been using.