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Sunset Palm tree nails


It’s been awhile! (Again, I know)

Today I created an accent gradient Palm tree nail. I actually did this because I was looking at building up my blog and noticed there was so much nailart I haven’t done a tutorial for!

This one is super easy. These are all you need:


Start with a white base to really bring out the yellow of the polish. As usual, I like to use a gel base.

This one is white Alpine by OPI gel color


1. Start with two coats of yellow polish. This one is let’s meet by sinful colors

2. With the make up sponge, just paint on a generous strip of yellow and orange polish. Note: to re-use a sponge, just cut of the dried polish bit with scissors and start again. I’ve been using the same sponge for months!

3. Keep dabbing the finger till you get the opacity you desire

4. Using a black striper, first stripe on a black line. Nail art pens normally have a striper attached to it. I used one from Primark . Then using the pen end, draw a line connecting the striped line and just add little wiggles to draw on the leaf.

5. Keep going until it resembles a palm tree

6. Wah lah!

These one I only did the accent nail but it looks amazing with painting all the other nails yellow or with gradient nails on πŸ™‚



Heart shaped nailart


Today I went to a car boot sale and I had the most amazing find I couldn’t wait to share! I went to the car boot with the intention of buying a lamp, some nail polishes, a jar. Instead, I found this little beauty in a box full of crafty bits.


I scoured all the pound lands and 99p store for this since I saw it online! I couldn’t justify spending 5 quid on it from ebay and what not especially as I didn’t want it to arrive and being too big for my nails.

This little gem cost a bargain price of 50p and made me very very happy!

Once I got home, this happened


1 + 2. This is what my little gem looks like front and back. On the back, there is a plastic catch to catch all the little bits that get hole punched.

3. You need masking tape to create this look.

4. I applied hand cream on my hand and then repeatedly stuck the masking tape on my hand to make it less sticky. The hand cream really helped.

5. Simply slide the take inside the punch and punch away!

6. Make sure it cleanly punches the tape

7. Apply the heart shape on the nail and paint over it

8. Beautiful looking heart shape on the nail πŸ™‚

Going daisy for spring nails

If you have ever visited Topshop in London Oxford Circus, you will have seen the cute nail salon tucked into the corner of the bottom floor. It is called wah nails and have beautiful nail art on display that the amazingly talented crew recreate for its customers. I recently discovered that not only does this joint exist, they have two nailart books on the market. I have seen them in Urban Outfitters before but never really thought it was achievable as it looked very technical. I recently decided to face up the challenge since I was feeling more and more readily equipped to give it a good go.

If you haven’t already got me on Instagram (nailkrazeee), have a little look at my first attempt. It wasn’t amazing but I felt ready to take on the full daisy look

essie neo-whimsical swatch

I used this beutiful lilac colour as my base. It is neo-whimsical by Essie and is great for achieving the spring look


I used a dotting tool from a brush set I purchase off amazon. If you have the five piece dotting set I would recommend using a medium to small sized dooting tool. I dripped a drop of white polish onto a card that I normally use for stamping and dotted away five dots with spaces between, it is really important to keep the spaces between as I accidentally dotted one daisy with the dots touching and the effect isn’t half as nice. Satisfied with my dots, I was ready to add some petal effects


This photo is a little blurry but essentially I took a wooden manicure stick (you can also use a toothpick) and drew up some black lines as best as I could from the inside of the dots to the middle. It is a little messy for a few of them but I wasn’t looking for perfect. I tried a few with my models own nail art pen and that worked a treat. I then used the same size dotting tool and added a bright yellow dot in the middle to form my daisies. Simple! My yellow was a Sally Hansen instadri lightening bolt.

wah nails daisies

And wah lah, daisy nails perfect for the spring πŸ™‚

Gel removal that works!

I’ve been using gel polish now for about three months since I moved to America and I absolutely love it! It’s going to be a very sad day for me when the time comes to return back to uk and the very small unoriginal gel polish out there. I’ve been lucky enough to take advantage of the much cheaper sensationail polishes out here and have acquired myself quite the collection! [insert proud face here]

Today I’d like to share/document how I remove them. I looked at many removal blogs and processes before I came up with my easy and relatively cheap method. I began by using the removal solution that came with my sally hansen starter kit but that ran out really, really quickly. I didn’t want to have to pay lots of money for what to me looked just like acetone that’s been packaged by gel polish companies to look like something different so I just purchased good old acetone from Sally.


These are my essentials when removing polish. I never begin without having something good to watch on my iPad as it takes a good while to remove gel polishes. The only downside but definitely worth it. I normally like watching cooking shows on you tube hah. I also use some good old fashion cotton balls from walmart as they are super absorbent. I use the cuticle sticks that normally come packaged with my sensationail gel polishes to scrap the polish off once they start peeling. Lastly, I use cheap aluminium foil to wrap the acetone soaked cotton balls around my fingers.


I rip the aluminium foil roughly into 2cm by 5cm pieces..basically just pieces big enough to wrap around my finger. I’m not that precise and I’ve never struggled


I never use a whole cotton ball on a finger. I find that really unnecessary. I normally split one cotton ball in three for my normal fingers and into half for my thumbs. I put the split pieces on top of the acetone bottle and just lightly shake it so that acetone is on the cotton ball. I then place it over my finger, wrap the aluminium foil around it so txt holds into lace and settle in for ten minutes watching telly.

After ten minutes when you remove the foil it should look like this:


If it doesn’t look like this then you either need to add some more acetone and wait some time longer or just make sure the foil is wrapped round your finger tightly. It’s happened to me a few times and those two are the usual causes. Once it looks like the above it’s easy. Just take a cuticle stick and scrape it with the slanted side.


and wah la it’s done! Can’t say the conditions of my nail is the finest I’ve seen them since I started using gel polish but it certainly kept me from biting my nails. I’m now more often filing down my nails cos they’re too long than praying for them to grow!

Hope this helps anyone out there that struggles with removing gel polish or doesn’t want to pay a fortune to do things normal drug stores sell πŸ™‚

Multi coloured leopard print

I have been experimenting loads recently due to some unexpected time off my course. Thought I’d share what I’ve been doing. This is one of many to come!


I’ve tried it with a few different polish. This particular one I used a more pastel colour whereas a different one I used red and a really sharp blue. The reason why I swapped was mostly economical. I didn’t fancy using my OPi and Essie polishes when experimenting but actually, I preferred the more pastel look. The contrast wasn’t as strong and it was a lot gentler on the eyes.

I used four very different colours and I would recommend sticking to that. It was difficult to find room to fill in the fourth colour by the time I got round to it. I used bigger splotches of colour n the bigger nails so I didn’t have to do as many and it turned out great! I added black dots to fill in some gaps and absolutely loved how it contributed towards the design

I need to start taking some photos of them actually on my hand!

Wonder women inspired nails

I had recently made my first first barry m purchase! I have been looking for confetti nail polishes for a while and have always been really interested in the black and white confetti look but so far haven’t come across it. I went out shopping with my friend the other day and we decided to try some polishes in superdrug when I came across this gorgeous Barry m polish that I simply could not resist.

[photo courtesy of sparklyvernis]

At the time I had on a nude polish and it simply looked stunning. It was rude not to take it home with me.

I have always been a bit apprehensive with Barry m in that I felt it was trying too hard to offer too many looks. Also, I tried on the magnetic polish on a few separate occasions and the look just didn’t come out right. But this one blew my mind away. So much that it inspired me to use in on my first tutorial!


I bought the ring reinforcers on amazon and they are perfect for recreating half moons. My advise tho is to stick down the edges pretty hard as I found polish seeped into any gaps. I cut them in half to be economical and it was hassle free.

I decided to add the magnetic gold in the end because I didn’t like how the gold plastic nails were with the red. I am pleased I did cos it looks a million times better. I then experimented with drawing a line to define the red and gold contrast but I didn’t think it needed it to be honest. The blue rhinestone added the perfect touch to give it the sexy wonder women look. I finished it off with the Barry m ruby glitter top coat and I am so pleased with how it turned out. As you can see on my nail while I was painting, I tried a different variation with a nude base instead of gold and it came out equally impressive.

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