What’s in my stash!




Back from America with a suitcase full of goodies! Take a peek at what I’ve added to my stash!


The biggest and best addition is by far gel polish! I was fortunate enough to source a real cheap lamp in America that works perfectly in the uk. It saves me a hefty 50 or so pounds and was able to spend my money wisely on some amazing gel nail products 🙂 I have the most of Sensationail products because I love the colours! I find it difficult to walk away from them everytime I’m in the shops!


I thought I’ll begin this blog with a grand introduction on my stash! Here it is:


Top row L-R: OPI blasted in black, 4 OPI in various colours, a random polish from Korea in red, 2 Essie, George from ASDA, two nail art pens from Primark
Middle row L-R: 2 OPI polishes, 3 Nicole by OPI, one from Sasa in Hong Kong (the brand has rubbed off!!), 3 Rimmel finishes
Bottom row L-R: Calvin Klein, nail colour from Korea, 2 club Monaco, L’OREAL, boots nail biting solution, Sally Hansen cuticle oil

As you can see I don’t discriminate against any brands. I just have colours I like using. Having said that, I am most impressed with OPI and least with Nicole by OPI. I haven’t actually tried the lad kardashian kolor ones yet but the black one I purchased from target is glumpy and the brush is nowhere near wide enough.

I also own quite a fair amount of fake nails as I have a really bad habit of biting my nails when I’m stressed! I find the only way to grow my nails out is by sticking nails on top. The nail biting solution hasn’t worked for me. It does taste horrible from not enough to deter me

When I do have nails, I like to take care of them by giving myself manicures. As I’m a student pilot, I no longer have enough money to get manicures so I give them to myself! I have adopted a simple routine where I use the manicure set I purchased from Bath and body works. It comes in a set similar to what I’ve grouped together:


Actually I believe I got the buffer separately but it works a treat. I love buffing my nails!

So now you know!


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